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Socks With Sandals: From Eww! To Ahh!

Socks With Sandals: From Eww! To Ahh!

I don’t know what it is about the new year that gets me thinking about my wardrobe. Maybe it’s a throwback to holidays of yore when I would receive new clothes or cash for clothes for Christmas and my birthday (the 26th of December). Maybe it’s the New Year tradition of “out with the old and in with the new.” I don’t know exactly why, but usually around this time of year I like to take a good look at my style preferences and reevaluate what I have and what I like.

This year, in so doing, I have come to realize that I am really digging the sandals with socks look. This seems to be the quintessential no-no, but maybe that’s just a hard and fast rule for dudes with black socks and velcro sandals? I know that every few years articles are published that say that all fashion rules are dead. They say to wear brown and black and navy together at the same time! Throw on your white shoes any ol’ time of year! Wear leggings for pants! You make the rules!Those people were obviously not raised by my mother. Even the thought of wearing white shoes at this time of year makes me uncomfortable. But if I can appreciate socks with sandals? Maybe those articles are on to something.

In the past, even wearing tights with sandals has skeeved me out just a bit. Only a few short years ago, in our own dear Tawnya’s wedding, I wore tights with sandals and I felt almost uncomfortable with it. My face (on the far left) may be smiling, but deep down I’m wondering if I’ve made a huge mistake.
bright colors and beautiful womenSo now, years later, I’m feeling pretty confident about my fashion choices pictured above. More than confident. I am obsessing over the look. I can’t get enough of it. I am spending a countless amount of time on Pinterest looking for cute pictures of tights or socks with sandals. Check out a few of my faves:

The idea of a sock peeking through that peep toe might have bothered me a few years ago, but now I am loving it!

pretty sandals with tights

image via tumblr


Here we have tights and socks lookin’ good!

I’m not sure what caused the change in me, but considering I own a lot of tights, socks, and sandals, I’m pretty excited to incorporate this look into my own fashion repertoire.

Header image via pinterest.

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