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My quest for a button-down shirt that fits

My quest for a button-down shirt that fits

I’m really itching to go shopping for some new clothes. I mean, I’m actually in the mood, which is pretty rare. Plus, I’ve got a little extra cash stashed away just for this purpose.  When this particular fancy strikes me, I usually go around the city looking for clothes to try on and then buy some.

Easy, right?

Sort of…except for when it comes to button-down shirts. Why? Because I can never (and I mean never) find button-down shirts that will easily close over my boobs without being super baggy on the rest of me. This is because I’ve got big ol’ knockers that don’t wanna be constrained by mere mortal fabric.

So, I usually settle for buying a shirt in a size that fits me most everywhere else and then pinning the shirt closed with a safety-pin. Laaaame! (Especially because I really only wear these type of shirts to fancy work meetings when I want to pair them with a blazer and pretend I’m a grownup or something. And safety pins across the boobs somehow never seems to help me feel like the Tiger Lady.

But I have a feeling my sad days may be coming to an end, because while tooling around online, I found a really awesome site called…and that site led me to a company called Carissa Rose Designs LLC.

Apparently this company only makes shirts for big busted ladies. Like, semi custom-made, even. Woohoo!

I haven’t taken the plunge yet and will probably have to buy a shirt that’s on sale as they’re a bit outta my current price range, but I will report back once I have and let you all know how it went. Yay!


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