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Make Yourself an Easy Wrap Skirt

Make Yourself an Easy Wrap Skirt

When everything around you seems out of your control, you can hide in your blanket you have lovingly deemed your “Cave of Depression” or you can get right in the things you do have control over. I’ll be honest with you, me and my cave have been real good buddies this week. It’s time to get out and crack-a-lackin’ though.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I am getting down to business, the first thing I need is a real good power outfit. I don’t care if I’m working from home, heading board meetings, or just picking my kids up from school. I needs me something sassy to do it in. That’s where the Miette comes in! This is the easiest garment I have ever made! It’s simple to cut out and easy to assemble. Can you sew a straight line? Well, then you’ve got yourself a skirt! You can purchase it from the Tilly and The Buttons website.

I have an ever fluctuating waist size, and this style can accommodate me both pre and post election binge. Because it’s a wrap skirt, it’s very versatile. Some wrap skirts leave you in fear of a windy day, not so this one! The way the back sits, it covers your behind twice!


I bought a digital copy of this pattern and printed it out at home. I like doing that because I trace all of my store bought patterns anyway. This way I can alter it as needed right on the paper. Tilly has an amazing step-by-step sew along with photographs detailing every step of the process of constructing this skirt. Plus there is a great Pinterest board filled with inspiring images of women of all shapes and sizes who have made this skirt work for them.

Me in a dirty mirror, in a cluttered hallway, showing off my skirt.

My skirt! It’s green denim and I love it to pieces.

The Miette is very easy to modify. This summer I was packing for a trip and decided two days before we left that I needed a skirt. Not only did I have time to make this, but I had time to make new pockets and modify it from a wrap dress to a button waist band. So so easy!

If, like me, your depression just wants to keep you down, take a moment, get yourself this pattern, and make yourself a new “go-getter” uniform! If nothing else, you’ll look really cute as you rock back and forth in the fetal position in your safe place.

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