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Anywear (Get it?) Hair & Wrist Ties!

Anywear (Get it?) Hair & Wrist Ties!

I was on my way out of Target last week (after buying some much-needed fudgesicles) when I spied a little rack with what looked like little tied up pieces of ribbon.

I felt the need to look closer but on further inspection, it turns out they weren’t ribbon, but hair ties. What? .

They’re called Anywear Hair & Wrist Ties and they’re made by Remington, the dudes who bring us hair dryers and barrettes and all things hair-ish.

At first I wanted to make fun of them because their name was so punny, but then I was like, “Wait a second…I DO like wearing my hair ties on my wrist in the mornings before putting them in my hair later in the day and I DO hate the way they sometimes dig into my wrist and stuff. Maybe these are a good idea?”

So I bought a pack of 3 for $2.50 and went on my way.  A couple of days later I was back to buy two more packs in different colors. They are AWESOME! They don’t pull at my hair like a lot of hair ties do and yet they aren’t all huge and weird like those scrunchies from the 90s. I love them!

Anyone else seen these things around? What do you think of them?

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  • Wow! I just bought some for $3 each at a nail salon! Ouch. I’ll have to hit up Target real soon.

  • After reading your post I went to target to find these but I could only find the headband size. Bummer. Hopefully next time they will have them.

  • Target didn’t have them? Target, how could you fail us? Grrrr. Keep looking! (I’m wearing one on my wrist RIGHT NOW).

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