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Bésame, Bésame…ooo la la

Bésame, Bésame…ooo la la

I am so completely in love with Bésame Cosmeticsyou guys.

For me, it started when Hayley Atwell tweeted a picture of Bésame’s Red Velvet lipstick and revealed it to be the color used to create her fierce 40s look for Marvel’s Agent Carter.

When Red Velvet arrived, in its beautiful red velvet pouch and elegant, very vintage inspired golden bullet tube – I knew it was special, but I had no idea how much in love I would be until swiping it across my lips. The color is amazing and it’s saturated like a mother pucker (ew – did I just type that?)  – but, what really pushed it over the top was the formula.

It glided on my lips, felt comfortable, lasted for hours and never bled. Basically, it was perfect and I had to have more.


Bésame lipsticks aren’t exactly cheap at $22 a piece, but they are worth the price, something I can’t say for any other high-priced lipstick in my collection.  I’ve acquired 6 (so far…?) over several months and I can vouch for all of them being A.MAZ.ING.

Bésame formulate their colors to replicate vintage lipsticks, use phenomenal ingredients and do not test on animals. Yay!

Check out my swatches below. Don’t they make giant hearts pulse out of your eyeballs????


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  • Wow beautiful! I have Red Velvet and Merlot both survived a meal or two and leaves a beautiful stain after 8 hours.
    Which one is your favourite? Their Crimson rouge also lasts the whole day on my cheeks it also suited my sensitive skin!

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